100th Birthday Celebration

As We Build Today headline

As we build today , our children will build tomorrow

Baker St showing Maplewood Club 1908

Baker Street postcard

Book Caravan 1938

Books in Jail Article 1946

Boys at Hilton Branch

Calendar cover 1970

Calendar Pg 1

Calendar Pg 2

Calendar pg 3

Calendar pg 4

Catalog Cards

Centennial logo

Computerization Article 11-1-2001

Costumed Kids 1990s

Costumed Kids 1995 with Children ' s Librarian Pam Gosner

Cover Contest Winners 1991

Display case dedication 1992

Film Fesival Program 1966

Film Festival Program 1969

FIlm Festival Programs 1963

Film Festival Programs 66 , 67 , 69

First Library Photocopier 1976

Founders and Officers of Maplewood Library South Orange Record Apr 2 , 1920

Friends Letter first library computer 1988

Friends of the Library Fall Meeting 1950

Friends of the Library Highlights 1995

Friends of the Library Logo and handouts

Friends of the Library logo

Friends of the Library poster 2005

Friends of the Library Program Jacket 1947 inside

Friends of the Library Program Jacket 1947

Gift Committee 1970

Helen Van Dyke Winter

Hilton Branch Adult Stacks 1959

Hilton Branch Charge Desk 1959

Hilton Branch Dedication 1959

Hilton Branch Exterior 1976

Hilton Branch Exterior

Hilton Branch Fundraising Invitation Cover

Hilton Branch Fundraising Invitation Inside

Hilton Branch Fundraising Invitation

Hilton Branch Groundbreaking 1958

Hilton Branch Interior 1976 A

Hilton Branch Interior 1976 B

Hilton Branch Interior 2013

Hilton Branch staff 2013

Hilton Branch with Mrs. Shure 1964

Hilton Branch Young People ' s Room 1959

Hilton Fire House

Hilton Library Board 1880s

Hilton Public School , Location of First Hilton Library

Hilton Public School

Home of Benjamin W Smith , circa 1910. Future site of today ' s Main Library

How one Libray did it

Jane Kennedy 2010

Kids activity in Memorial Hall 1980s

Kids and books Main Library 1974

Kids Art Display

Kids Build Robot

Kids Study Dinosaurs1953

Library Barcode

Library Board 1955

Library Board of Trustees 2013

Library Foundation article 2012

Library Lion 1976

Library Staff 1957

Library Staff 1990 ' s

Library Staff 1990 ' s and earlier

Listening Stations

Main Library Floorplan from 1970 Annual Report

Main Library

Main Library 20th Anniversay 1976

Main Library Addition Construction 1969

Main Library Addition Construction Dec 1968

Main Library Addition Construction Spring 1969

Main Library Addition Dedication Invitation 1970

Main Library Addition Ground Breaking 1968

Main Library Addition Invitation cover

Main Library Addition Invitation open

Main Library Addition Invitation reverse

Main Library Back Office 1970s A

Main Library Back Office 1970s B

Main Library Book Stacks 1959

Main Library Card Catalog 1970s

Main Library Childrens Room 1959

Main Library Childrens Room 1980s with Children ' s Library Pam Gosner left

Main Library Childrens Room 1980s

Main Library Childrens Room 1990s

Main Library Circulation Desk 1976

Main Library Color Postcard

Main Library Construction Aerial View

Main Library Dedication 8-12-56

Main Library Dedication A

Main Library Dedication B

Main Library Dedication C

Main Library Dedication D

Main Library Dedication E

Main Library Dedication Invite 8-12-56

Main Library Entryway Under Construction 1955

Main Library ESTEY Advertisement 1972

Main Library Floorplan

Main Library Fundraising Invitation Inside

Main Library Fundraising Invitation outside

Main Library Fundraising Invitation with envelope

Main Library Library Dedication Invitation

Main Library New Childrens Room 1970

Main Library New Reference Room 1969

Main Library Reading Room 1970

Main Library Reading Room 1976

Main Library Reference Room 1976

Main Library Staff 2013

Main Library Staff in Workroom 1970s

Main Library Teen area 1970s

Main Library Teen Center 1959

Main Library Young Adult Area 1976

Maplewood Birds-Eye View 1910 Wylie

Maplewood Librarians at NJ Library Association Convention

Maplewood Library online catalog A

Maplewood Library online catalog B

Maplewood Public School Postcard

Mayor Grasmere with records 1974

Memorial Plaque 1956

Memorial Plaque Unveiling 1956

Microfilm Reader 1960s

Miss Trudeau

Miss Winter and Miss Calletto with kids

MML Annual Report 1924

MML Annual Report 1932 inside

MML Annual Report 1934

MML Annual Report 1941

MML Annual Report 1952

MML Annual Report 1953

MML Annual Report 1954

MML Annual Report 1955

MML Annual Report 1957 stats

MML Annual Report 1958

MML Annual Report 1960 inside

MML Annual Report 1961

MML Annual Report 1962 Inside

MML Annual Report 1965 stats

MML Annual Report 1966 stats

MML Annual Report 1968 inside

MML Annual Report 1970 inside

MML Annual Report 2011 inside

MML Annual Report 2011

MML Annual Report 2012 inside

MML Annual Report 2012

MML Annual Reports 2011 2012

MML Annual Reports 25 32 34 41

MML Annual reports 57 58 60 61 66

MML Annual Reports 62 65 68 70

MML News-Record Supplement 1970 17

MML News-Record Supplement 1970 cover

MML News-Record Supplement 1970 Idea Place

MML News-Record Supplement 1970 p 15

MML News-Record Supplement 1970 p11

MML News-Record Supplement 1970 p13

MML News-Record Supplement 1970 p19

MML News-Record Supplement 1970 p5

MML News-Record Supplement 1970 p7

MML News-Record Supplement 1970 p9

MML News-Record Supplement 1970 pg 13 detail

Musicians in Library

New Young Adult Area 1969

Old Library Maplewood Ave Book Club

Old Library Maplewood Ave Circulation Desk 1943 with Miss Trudeau

Old Library Maplewood Ave with Kids in front

Old Library , Maplewood Ave

Old Library , Maplewood Ave Interior A

Old Library , Maplewood Ave Interior B

Old Library , Maplewood Ave Interior C

Old Library , Maplewood AveTeen Corner 1953

Pierson Microfilm donation with Director Rowland Bennett (center) 1981

Preparing for computerized catalog A

Preparing for computerized catalog B

Reading Hour with Puppies 1952

Recordak microfilm 1956

Sarah Lester

Secret Door 1964

STATS from 1970

Story Hour Orchard Park 1959

Story Hour with Miss Calletto 1959

Story of the Maplewood Library

Story Time

String Art Julia Cole and Cloey

Studying in the stacks 1959

Summer Masks 2013

Summer Reading Club 1949

Super Storm Sandy lining up

Teen spaghetti tower 1

Teen spaghetti tower 2

Teens browse for books

Teens Read to Kids

Todays Living Article 1959

Todays Living re record player

Todays Living Record player

Township honors Friends of the Library 2009

Twenty Years of Service 1913-933

Wise Old Owl

Your Library Needs Your Help