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New Jersey School Register

1951 - 1952


H. Betty Hayford (1 of 2)
H. Betty Hayford (2 of 2)
Mary Allen (Mrs. Fred Allen, Jr) (1 of 2)
Mary Allen (Mrs. Fred Allen, Jr) (2 of 2)

Grade 1

A. Grace Ehrhardt
Alta H. Zehm

Grade 2

Mabel B. King
Sallie June Lenrow

Grade 3

Johanne Zuann
Laura Hinaman

Grade 4

Dorothy Dunn
Helen W. Merick

Grade 5

August A. Perticone, Peter Di Leo
Robert W. Buckley

Grade 6

Claire Snow

Grade 7

Lillian M. Brooks
Willam E. Perry

Grade 8

Julia A. Traphagen

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