Rutgers St. & Washington Ave. 1952
Rutgers St. Number_26
Rutgers Street_edited
S. Chiappone & R. Campione
School 7, War Memorial, Joralemon & Passaic Ave.
Scott Sim with Bagpipes
Scott Sims, Judge Karen Smith, Harry Sims holding Bible
Servicemen 001
Seven officers with Olympic Torch bearer
Sgt. John Dean 1965
Silver Lake Sub Station
Simenitti swearing in ceremony with Mary Lou Hood
Simoneth, Del Grosso
Smith, Sangiacoma, Sheridan, Malotte, Weido
Soho (1933) Franklin Ave. (Essex County Hospital) (Isolation)
Soho (1933) Franklin Ave. (Statistics)
Soho Hospital
SoHo Hospital, Franklin Ave. & Belleville Ave.
Soldier 01
Soldier 02
Sports team sign up
Sports team sign up 001
Sports team sign up 002