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Information you can search is priceless.

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Welcome to DigiFind-IT

DigiFind-IT is Innovative Document Imaging, LLC's front-end presentation module. After digitizing files and creating PDF files, the standard way to present the files is through a file folder structure. Searching the PDF files in this fashion can be difficult and time consuming. A user must know exactly where to locate the information among a large volume of files.

DigiFind-IT is a web-based interface for internal network or world-wide-web that allows users to search across volumes of PDF text searchable digital files in seconds. Currently this product has seen its success in many libraries and makes searching PDF digitized archives fast and easy. DigiFind-IT can showcase files in all formats including: photographs, videos, PDFs, all text searchable. DigiFind-IT is customizable to suit the clients need and is very affordable. DigiFind-IT is housed on our internal servers located in East Brunswick, NJ. When hosting with IDI, clients do not have to worry about maintaining their data or updating hardware and software.

How It Works

1. Digitize Your Documents

Chances are you have rooms stacked with paper, newspapers, pictures, VHS tapes, microfilm, books, the list can go on. Getting your documents scanned can seem like a daunting task. Where do you even begin? Our parent company Innovative Document Imaging can you assist you with your project. We offer FREE consulting, receive quick estimates and we'll help you transfer your physical documents to digital files. For more information about what we scan and our other services click below!

2. Receive a Free Sample Site

Our talented web developers will design a complimentary sample site that you can review and test out before any payments are made. We know that after using your new site you will be satisfied guaranteed. Your data will now be sorted and displayed in a creative manner that will showcase your own materials to the rest of the world.

3. Start Searching!

Using the power of DigiFind-IT's reliable keyword search system you will find how easy and FAST it is to get your results. You may discover things you never knew your data contained! No collection is too small or too large for DigiFind-IT so why not start today?

Trusted by over dozens of libraries and private schools across the tri-state area.

"Over the years I continue to send our documents and videos to Innovative Document Imaging on a regular basis so that each year of our school’s activities is documented and preserved. They perform their work with the highest technical ability, and with the utmost integrity. IDI's services are of great importance to an archivist who has the responsibility for the preservation of The Hun School’s history."

- Mary Ann Fox, Archivist/ Librarian, The Hun School of Princeton

Addtional Features


Receive monthly Google Analytics on your collection. Find out what parts of your site are being searched and how many visitors are checking out your portal. A great tool for development offices as well as convenient information for researchers. Also enjoy with your reports with a search log, see what people are searching for on your site!

Whether or not you decide to present your files with DigiFind-IT, analog data deteriorates. We specialize in preservation and conservation and can guide you to make sure your data doesn't expire.
Having issues with copyright? No worries. We will help you figure your best solution to present your data.
Each site can be designed or customized to your specific requirements. We like to make our customers look good.
If you have content to market DigiFind-It can be set up to incorporate a paywall system.

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Before You Go!

We know the pain of having to learn a new system to access files!

Call us today for a free consultation or just a bit of information on how you can get your data accessed quickly with Digifind-it, a suprisingly reasonable priced system!

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