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The Forty-Niner/DIG Archive:

The Daily Forty-Niner, the longest running student news publication at California State University, Long Beach, has been in print since Nov. 11, 1949, the year of the University’s founding, and is the paper of record for the institution. The Daily Forty-Niner produces award-winning coverage of campus and city news and events. Over its life, the Daily Forty-Niner print edition has had various publishing schedules, ranging from once a week to four times per week during the semesters and summer sessions. The Forty-Niter was published from Oct. 27, 1958 to Jan. 18, 1966 for night-school students.

DIG MAG and DÍG EN ESPAÑOL are the campus’ art, entertainment and culture magazines. The campus magazines are published a few times per semester. UniverCity was published from 1973 to 1979 and The University Magazine from 1973 to 2003. DIG MAG began publishing in 2014; DÍG EN ESPAÑOL in 2019.

This archive does not include stories that are published online-only. Daily news stories and coverage can be found on Daily49er.com and on the @daily49er social media channels, at http://digmagonline.com, and at https://www.digenespanol.com.