PHOTOS: 1980 - 1989

PDS 32 In November 1986, Business Manager Carl Storey burned the school's original mortgage assisted by Headmaster Doug McClure and former Board Chair Elizabeth (Bunny) Dilworth.

PDS 81 Balloon Day, 1980s

PDS 82 Betsy Trapp with her junior kindergarten class 13 years before their graduation in 2002.

PDS 83 The PDS Panther gathers participants for the 1984 Blue/White Day.

PDS 84 Faculty members keep score at Blue/White Field Day competitions in the 1980s.

PDS 85 The entire school participated in Blue/White Field Day.

PDS 86 Melissa Trend admires her 1985 PDS diploma.

PDS 87 Eighth grade graduation, 1984

PDS 88 Christopher Westcott '99 watches the entertainment
while waiting his turn to perform in the Fourth Grade Operetta.

PDS 90 Lower School Head Sara Schwiebert oversees the lighting
of the menorrah and the celebration of Hanukkah in 1984.

PDS 91 Lower school performers in 1984

PDS 92 PDS Russian language students visited Moscow in 1989.

PDS 93 Russian Teachers Tassie Turkevich Skvir MFS '62 (seated far left) and Dan Skvir (seated far right) and Math Teacher Alison Shehadi (back, second from right with Soviet teacher far right) gather with PDS and Soviet exchange students in 1989.

PDS 94 A student works at one of the drafting tables. PDS is one of the
few high schools in the country to offer a four-year architecture program.

PDS 95 Edith Roberts '90 gets a lift from a friend in a 1985 gym class.

PDS 96 Members of the 1984-1985 fencing team.

PDS 97 Athletes proudly sew their 1985 varsity letters onto their PDS jackets.

PDS 98 Athletes from one team cheer on another c. 1984.

PDS 99 The 1985 girls lacrosse team display their championship trophies
as Coach Kim Bedesem (on right, in pants) applauds their victory

PDS 100 Varsity football 1982

PDS 101 Coach Margo Huber with her JV lacrosse team c. 1985

PDS 102 Music Department Chair Frank Jacobson jams with students in 1984.

PDS 103 The 1980-1981 Madrigals

PDS 104 The Class of 1991 poses before their graduation from fourth grade in 1983.

PDS 105 Head of School Jim Gramentine disguised as a wizard for the 1984 Halloween Parade.

PDS 106 The Class of 1986 bonds between classes.

PDS 107 The 1989 Wrestling Club shows some unorthodox style.

PDS 108 Fashion takes a holiday in 1986.

PDS 109 Religion Teacher Carl Reimers, Trustee Olivia Fill, Upper School Head Sandy Bing
and Kitchen Staff Marie Kennedy and
Shirley Von Schmidt enjoy the Senior Picnic c. 1987.

PDS 110 Upper School Head Sandy Bing shows his appreciation to administrative assistant Jean Osgood Smyth MFS '31 prior to her retirement in 1983. With a few breaks, her career spanned 62 years at MFS, PCD and PDS as a student, teacher, administrative assistant, parent, past parent and, in 1991, Alumni Award recipient.

PDS 111 Head of Upper School Sandy Bing sheds his shoes and joins his
Lower School friends from the future Class of 1991 in the sandbox.

PDS 172 A 1988 cast

PDS 173 Coach Cheryl Silva (far right) and her 1984 varsity field hockey team leave
no doubt as to how they feel about their state championship.

PDS 174 Fine Arts Teacher Jeanne Duff demonstrates a technique.

PDS 175 Varsity Soccer Coach Tom DeVito (second from right) counsels
his team as assistant Frank Konstantynowicz. '76 (far right) looks on c. 1980.

PDS 176 Coaches Gordon Stevenson (left) and Jim Walker (right) with the 1980 football team

PDS 177 A 1985-1986 Lower School production

PDS 178 A 1980s boys tennis team: (standing) Marc Collins '88, Randy Walter '87, George Dodds '88, Steve Cohen '88, David McHale '86, Kipper Large '87, Coach Manning, (kneeling) Mitch Klein'86, Peter Biro '87, Alan Yang '86 and Brit Eaton '88 c. 1988

PDS 179 Panther football in the '80s

PDS 180 Auto mechanics was part of the PDS curriculum until 1985. Ron Meldrum (second from left) taught the course in the Colross garage which was later converted into two classrooms and renamed the Carriage House.

PDS 181 Athletic Director Jan Baker congratulates Field Hockey Captains Tania Schoennagel '86 and Kelly Noonan '86 after the 1985 championship.

PDS 182 Varsity Girls Tennis Coach Rome Campbell with his 1989 team

PDS 183 Until it was declared "ecologically unsound," Balloon Day was celebrated each spring by the release of balloons by Lower School students, asking anyone who found them to return them to school.

PDS 183

PDS 183

PDS 184 1986-1987 Student Peer Group Leaders enjoy a Blairstown retreat with their advisors: Liz Cutler, Bill Stoltzfus, Sharon Powell, Ann Wiley '70 and Ken Newell.

PDS 185 Fencing grew to be a very popular winter sport, 1986-1987.

PDS 186 Squash started as a club and grew to team status. This 1982-1983 team was one of several that practiced from 6:00 to 7:00 a.m. at Dillon Gym.

PDS 187 The boys basketball team celebrates its 1985 Prep B Championship.

PDS 188 Dirty but victorious, the 1980 football team celebrates its state championship.

PDS 189 Don Cogsville '84 (#10) beats out an opponent on the soccer field.

PDS 190 Fine Arts Department Chair Arlene Smith with sculpture students in 1989.

PDS 191 A 1989 art class

PDS 192 Music Teacher Mag Gilbert in a sea of singers, 1982-1983.

PDS 193 Students show their style on the parallel bars in a 1980s gym class.

PDS 195 Industrial Arts Teacher Andy Franz selects an appropriate bit for the drill press, 1989.

PDS 217 Lower School students help each other decipher new words, 1984.

PDS 218 Jane Heap '89 prepares to answer a question in this 1983 Middle School class.

PDS 219 Lower School students learn to work on computers in this 1986 class.

PDS 220 School Nurse Charlene Elmore used more than medicine to make students feel better (1989).

PDS 221 Middle School students find new worlds in a test tube, 1989.

PDS 231

PDS 232 Head of School Jim Gramentine with Sarah Berkman '92 c. 1984.

PDS 233 The 1983 commencement exercises were held on the lawn behind Colross.

PDS 234 1988 Graduates

PDS 235 Upper School Head Sandy Bing (left) and English Teacher Dale Griffee could often be found cheering on PDS teams. They are pictured here with Captain Louise Matthews '83 after the field hockey team won the state championship in1982.

PDS 236 236 Diploma in hand, Jeff Walker '88 is congratulated by his father,
Upper School Math Teacher Jim Walker.

PDS 237 French class c. 1987.

PDS 238 One of many hugs Madeline Weigel received at her retirement party in 1985. She taught kindergarten at MFS and PDS for 43 years and served as Head of Lower School from 1948 to 1974.

PDS 239 Anne Shepherd began the tradition of making wreaths at MFS and continued the fundraiser at PDS. Wreaths were sold at Candlelight and benefitted Community Service projects. Mrs. Shepherd, for whom the humanities wing is named, taught English at MFS and PDS for 47 years.

PDS 240 PDS was one of only 30 US schools chosen to participate in a US/USSR exchange program. After hosting Soviet students in the fall, PDS students traveled to the USSR to attend school in Moscow. Pictured in 1989 with Religion and Russian Teacher Dan Skvir ( back, far left) and History Teacher Scott Spence (back, second from left), Russian Teacher Tassie Turkevich Skvir MFS '62 (back, second from right) and Head of School Duncan Alling (back, far right), the first 12 exchange students from PDS include (back row) Howard Katz, Robert Biro, (middle row) Jeff Zawadsky, Nika Skvir, Leslie Powell, Carrie Regan, Dan Milstein, (front row) Jacob Silverman, Won Kim, Josh Mezrich.

PDS 244 Medieval Day c. 1984

PDS 245 Medieval Day c. 1984

PDS 247 Mag Gilbert, backed up here by a choir of Lower School angels, taught music at MFS and PDS for close to 30 years and composed original songs for school programs. (1980s)

PDS 249 Coach Rome Campbell with his junior boys basketball team .

PDS 255 History Teacher Wes McCaughan (left) and
Math Teacher Graham Cragg coached this 1980s golf team.

PDS 259 Coach Gordon Stevenson demonstrates proper grip to his girls softball team. (1980s)

PDS 260 Coach Gordon Stevenson (center) and his girls softball team. (1980s)

PDS 262 A group of angels prepare for a holiday program.

PDS 263 A hungry witch watches the Halloween Parade. (1980s)

PDS 266 Lower School Pilgrims give thanks at the Thanksgiving Assembly in the early 1980s.

PDS 270 Middle School Music Chair Regina Spiegel and her choir promote an upcoming concert.

PDS 272 The eighth grade performs The Wizard of Oz.

PDS 273 These third grade musicians performed at the Lower School Final Assembly.

PDS 275 The Lively Arts Program, funded in memory of Mary Hamill Lambert MFS 1919, brings Lincoln Center performing artists to PDS (as in this performance of Alvin Ailey's Revelations) and offers courses for PDS teachers in New York City. (1980s)

PDS 278 A sketch of the proposed subdivision of the campus, March, 1980.