PHOTOS: 2000 - 2009

PDS 147 A 2005 production of Fiddler on the Roof.

PDS 149 The "Imagine the Possibilities" program brings guest poets, authors and illustrators to PDS.

PDS 151 Students collect warm clothing as part of their Community Service involvement.

PDS 152 The Class of 2006 boasted 24 Lifers, students who attended PDS from junior kindergarten or kindergarten through twelfth grade.

PDS 153 Students made their gratitude known to former Trustee Stan Smoyer at the 2001 dedication of the athletic field he endowed In memory of his son, Bill Smoyer PCD '60.

PDS 210 Skating is part of the Lower School gym program. Here, kindergarteners from the future Class of 2013 enjoy the ice.

PDS 243

PDS 401 Blue/White Day 2009

PDS 402 Upper School Spanish teacher Denise Bencivengo congratulates 2009 graduates.

PDS 403 Friends grab a moment in the hall.

PDS 404 Ice hockey fans do all they can to motivate their team.

PDS 405 An small elephant enjoys the 2009 Halloween Parade.

PDS 407 Middle school scientists prepare for an experiment.

PDS 408 Lower school shepherds brighten the 2008 Holiday Program.

PDS 409 Members of the Class of 2000 gather for the Senior Brunch.

PDS 410 Upper School Computer Teacher Steve Bailey and students work on one of the school's first MACs.

PDS 411 Students were surprised by an early snowstorm in October 2008.

PDS 413 Upper School English Teacher Liz Cutler (back, far right) and members of the EnAct Club.

PDS 414 Girls volleyball scores a point.

PDS 415 2009 Winter Concert

PDS 416 Madrigals enhance a 2008 Winter Concert.