PHOTOS: Heads of School

PDS 19 Shirley Davis was headmistress of Miss Fine's School from 1943 to 1965. During the merger with PCD, she also served as assistant principal in charge of curriculum and development for Princeton Day School.

PDS 20 Herbert S. McAneny began teaching at Princeton Country Day School in 1931 and directed scores of dramatic productions. He was named headmaster of PCD in 1963 and also served as assistant principal in charge of planning and development of student activities and nonacademic affairs during the merger with MFS. He was part of the four-member administrative team that guided Princeton Day School through its first year, 1965-1966, before returning to teaching.

PDS 21 Thomas B. Hartmann (on right, in conversation with Trustee Chester Stroup) was named principal to oversee the merger of MFS and PCD. He served from the summer of 1963 through March 1965.

PDS 22 PDS opened in September 1965 with no head of school. The trustees appointed Herbert McAneny, Beverly Williams, Winifred Vogt and Fowler (Mike) Merle-Smith (above, from left)) to a Faculty Committee on Operations to work closely with a Board of Trustees Administrative Committee. Throughout that first year, they met several times a week and decided many of the difficult issues facing the new school.

PDS 23 Douglas O. McClure, Headmaster 1966-1982

PDS 24 Sanford B. Bing served as Head of Upper School from 1969 to 1987 and was Acting Headmaster in 1982-1983 and 1985-1986.

PDS 25 James W. Gramentine, Headmaster 1983 -1985

PDS 26 Duncan W. Alling, Headmaster 1986-1994

PDS 27 Archer W. Harman, Interim Head of School 1994-1995

PDS 28 Lila B. Lohr, Head of School 1995-2000, Acting Head 2007-2008

PDS 29 Judith Glickman, Interim Head of School 2000-2001

PDS 30 Judy Fox, Head of School 2001-2007

PDS 31 Paul Stellato became Head of School in 2008.